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A stretch ceiling is a thin PVC film which unfolds and forms a perfectly smooth ceiling surface. Modern PVC films are completely eco-friendly and meet all safety standards.

Despite the great variety of stretch ceilings, their finishes can be divided into three categories:

  • Matte stretch ceilings
  • Gloss stretch ceiling
  • Satin stretch ceiling

What is the difference between these finishes? The gloss is a film coated with special protective lacquer. Due to this coating, the glossy ceilings have a high reflecting surface, and mirror like effects. This feature gives a nice bonus: the rooms with gloss ceilings seem to be lighter and larger. The film without varnish is used for the matte ceilings. They create an effect of a perfectly smooth painted surface.

This kind of a ceiling suits a classic interior well and it will not attract additional attention. Satin stretch ceiling combines the best features of gloss and matte ceilings; they visually look like the "satin" fabric stretched under the ceiling.

The following exclusive items can be separated:

• Translucent ceilings

• Acoustic canvases

• Fabric ceilings

• Exclusive canvases

The easiest way to decide on the type of the finishes is to see them in real life during the measurement process. Our specialist will come to your place with some samples and demonstrate you how the certain material looks like in a real life!


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