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What if we told you that installing multilevel ceilings can be much easier than before?
Yes, that's true!
With the 07-4 MULTI LINE profile you won't have to put in so much effort to create your ideal multilevel ceilings with 90°degrees.
It is achieved by using 07-0 masking profile (30mm height) and 07-1 masking profiles (50 mm height). Thus, we get a level shift that is made by prefinished alu profile. Stretch ceiling is fastened into the profile tight and has no visible gaps. Masking profiles have sealing tape U3 in set to provide tight fixation of masking profiles to 07-4 structure.

However, the advantages don't just end here! There is a special slot that can be used for placing led strip and can be covered by Polycarbonate Diffuser D 12 or PVC 12 diffuser. The profile has a versatile application range: it can be used like a drop level of multilevel ceiling; Besides that, the profile allows to make niches for hidden interior elements with or without led lighting (curtain rods, projector screens, etc.). 07-4 MULTI LINE profile makes possible to create independent structures sort of “Island” on any type of ceiling coverings.

Profile 07-4 is made of aluminum and available in white color (Moire)

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