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New profiles SofiMarsel™ 

Linear lighting – is a contemporary design solution for any type of commercial and residential spaces.

It provides a great amount of options for creating unique and eye-catching designs: bespoke angles, frames, customized shapes, etc.

Such innovating technology can be used to make an accent on particular design elements or to highlight a distinctive architectural feature, to divide space into zones, particularly in open plan spaces.

Linear lighting can be used for the following purposes:

  • for illuminating of elongated rooms/corridors
  • dividing space into zones
  • masking joints of the PVC film (to avoid welding seams)


The process of linear lighting installation is quick enough. According to the preferences of your client, you can choose any color temperature to create the most comfortable environment.

“Floating ceiling” what is it?

Cove lighting is a type of lighting that is focused along the perimeter of the room.

Cove lighting helps to create flow in a space and give a feeling of “floating ceiling”.

The LED strips are used for linear and cove lighting as it is extremely efficient to run due to its low energy usage, and also its inherent longevity. The LED strips are placed into the profile 06-6 at a certain angle, the brightness can be regulated with help of dimmer.

The main function of cove lighting is a decorating one, that makes an aesthetic effect.

Hidden perimeter lighting can be also used like a nightlight in kids room or hallways. It can be also used additionally to the basic background lighting.

Contact our team of experts and we’ll help you to create a stunning design and make your space exceptional!

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