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How to choose a stretch ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is a mainstream feature of a modern decoration. It can be used not only to transform the interior design, but also to hide the flaws of the ceiling structure.

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1. Make a decision on the ceiling finishes.
  • Gloss ceilings are ideal for areas that require visual magnification, but it is not recommended to install them in children's rooms and bedrooms.
  • Matte ceilings are appropriate for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, because they do not give a mirror flare spots, and remain practical and easy to care for. gut wie unmöglich.
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2. What types of the ceiling contractures are there?

With the help of the stretch ceilings it became possible to implement almost any kind of project. Maybe it will be interesting for you to examine some photos of the ceilings in the section "Types of ceilings"

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3. The colour palette

The colour palette is so diverse that you can choose colours infinitely; nevertheless you should give preference to the colours that will be in harmony with your interior. 

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4. How to care for stretch ceilings?

It is easy to care for a stretch ceiling, whatever their types and finishes. It is enough to use the all-purpose cleaning liquid to remove dirty.

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5. The safety of stretch ceilings.

The ceilings comply with modern safety standards and are suitable for accommodations and public buildings

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6. Some disadvantages of stretch ceilings.

Among the disadvantages we can name the following:

  • Mechanical damages : they can be damaged by sharps and cutting objects.
  • It is almost impossible to install stretch ceilings correctly without special skills and equipment. 
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