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Stretch ceilings SofiMarsel
Ul. Poznańska 243
05-850 Ozarów Mazowiecki
+48 606 433 199

A stretch ceiling is a modern and practical material. Its characteristics enable us to use it widely in projects of any complexity.

With the help of stretch ceilings, it is possible to create lightweight and robust constructions (multi-level ceilings, wavy ceilings and other complex shapes).

Stretch ceilings allow you to experiment with lighting. The combination of translucent films and LEDs provides unique opportunities for lighting design.

The ceilings of SofiMarsel company are rewarded with the CE certificate and are permitted to be used in living and office accommodations within the EU territory.

We see a lot of potential for mutually beneficial cooperation with planning and design organizations.

If you want to learn more about our materials and the possibilities of stretch ceilings, please use the contact form below. Our specialist will contact you during the working time