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Stretch ceilings SofiMarsel
Ul. Poznańska 243
05-850 Ozarów Mazowiecki
+48 606 433 199

The idea of fabric usage for ceiling decoration appeared a long time ago. However, the only appearance of a qualitative PVC film made possible the development and the price lowering of the technology for wide use.

Due to a wide variety of maretials and ceiling installation procedures the design ideas are practically unlimited and that is the indisputable advantage of the stretch ceiling installation. The stretch ceilings allow you to make interior decoration in any selected style from classic to high-tech.

The material of stretch ceilings fully conforms to the global and European safety standards. This is confirmed by the CE certificate which SofiMarsel company received in 2016.

At our company you can choose a stretch ceiling of different colors and finishes, as well as order design and installation of a stretch ceiling in your room.


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